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This site is a clearinghouse for student achievement data in the district.

ALL teachers should review this information regularly.

Take an overview tour HERE.

To get the "BEST" report:
  • Log in to Performance Tracker
  • Click on Reports
  • Select "Assessment Scores"
  • Use Assessment Filter Options to choose your tests (remember to adjust the year and the grade)
  • Run Now
  • Select the strands you want to see
  • Voila!
  • For even more flexibility, download the report as an excel file and save it to your desktop!

Practice Scenarios (Choose one or make up your own!):
  • Create an Assessment Scores Report that shows students' measurement scores on the PSSA vs. MAP test.
  • Create an Assessment Scores Report that shows their past PSSA scores and their percentage of achieving an advanced status next year.
  • Create an Assessment Scores Report that shows the strands in reading where a student is very strong.