Performance Tracker: The FRUITCAKE of Data


Why Fruitcake?
  • It has a little bit of everything in it.
  • It sticks around from year to year.
  • It can be tough to crack, but it is pretty SWEET overall!

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A differentiated assignment for next month...
Step 1: Complete the pretest. Click here to take the pretest.
Step 2: View your score when you are finished. Your results will be anonymous!
Step 3: Use your score to determine your assignment.
Score Range
Question Prompts
Log into Performance Tracker and run a report for one class you teach. Print the report and bring it to the next meeting.
What information would you like to know about your students?

Do your perceptions of your students' performance match what you are seeing?

What reports do you find most helpful? Why?
Log into Performance Tracker and run a report for one class you teach. Drill down to determine student groups for differentiated instruction. Print the student groups and bring them to the next meeting.
Which types of data are most important to consider regarding your curriculum at this time?
Log into Performance Tracker. Run a report about that uses the assessment filter for the Reading PSSA. Use the results of this report to identify student groups for differentiated text. Apply these groups to an upcoming lesson. Be prepared to share your experience.
Why is reading data universal for all subjects?

What are the best ways to view reading data in order to make instructional decisions?
Step 4: Read the following article HERE from Education Leadership. We will begin with this article in December.

Follow Up: How does the data relate to me?

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Yellow- Question
Green- Extension

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